Terms and Conditions

TazzBazar owns the intellectual property rights for all the things that we sell on this platform. All intellectual property rights are reserved to its manufacturer. When you browse and buy things from our website, you are subjected to all the terms and conditions.

  1. You must not create another platform by the similar name.
  2. You should prevent selling unauthorized products.
  3. Selling of illegal material is prohibited on this platform.
  4. You should maintain the quality of products.

Intellectual Property

In any case, of intellectual property violations, legal action will be taken against the accused. The intellectual property includes content, patents and anything that we are selling on this platform. Intellectual property includes:

  1. Any content that is on this website.
  2. All the things that we are selling on this website.
  3. Patents (if any), are of TazzBazar team.
  4. The use of company’s logo or name on any other platform is highly restricted.

In case of any violation, you will be responsible for your own consequences.


Your profile will be terminated if:

  1. If you will violate these terms and conditions.
  2. If you upload illegal documents, or try to sell illegal things.
  3. The termination can also happen if you post any insensitive comment about any community/religion.
  4. Abuse words will also lead to permanent termination